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Georgina Kincaid Series by Richelle Mead

Succubus Blues (Georgina Kincaid, #1)
Title(s): Succubus Blues, Succubus On Top, Succubus Dreams, Succubus Heat, Succubus Shadows
Author: Richelle Mead
Release: 2007-2010 
Age Group: Adult 18+ 

Richelle Mead, what comes to mind at the mention of her name? Well... Amazing author! That's what comes to my mind. She's so good that she made me cry in her series Vampire Academy. I don't cry when reading books. Ever. Unless it's a really, really good emotional book. Yet, I cried. So when I heard that she also wrote Urban Fantasy for adults I had to give it a try. 
When I began reading this series I didn't know much about Succubi but by the end of the first book I considered myself an expert. I also did my research and at first I was like "Hmm, get sex and immortality. Hmm. What's wrong with that?" Well, after reading the first book was like "Oh, hell no! No Succubi! No way, no how!" Yeah, the plot line for Georgina was that messed up. 
Georgina Kincaid is a Succubus who must feed from the energy out of men when they have sex in order for them to stay alive, which takes years off of the poor pal they seduce.  They can shape shift into anything, usually a hot girl, to get men to notice them. She is pretty much a master at seducing men.
But. Yes, there's always a but there somewhere. Because Georgina happens to start to fall in love with Seth Mortensen, her favorite author. 
I'd never read about Succubi before but in my opinion this plot line was awesome. 
Georgina, basically, can't sleep with Seth. Actually, she can. But she refuses because she doesn't want to hurt Seth no matter what. 
But I'm getting ahead of myself right here. You need to know Georgina's background first to understand her and to know how she got to where she is right now.
Gergina grew up in the Mediterranean centuries ago as the daughter of a wealthy man. She fell in love when she was young (or not so young back then) and got married with the man she loved. Unfortunately, and just like in many other books, she made a mistake and it was heart ache that led her to make a deal with an Imp. She sold her soul to him and in exchange he made everyone she knew forget about her so no one would know about the mistake she made. However, she didn't realize the extent of this new mistake that would make her regret it for eternity.
Yup. Tragic. 
In the present Georgina works at a  bookstore, which is where she meets Seth. She lives a pretty decent life, save the seducing men and condemning their souls to hell, of course, and is well loved by her co-workers. No one knows that she's a demon because 1)she appears to be a beautiful woman, 2) she can shape shift into anything, which, once again, helps her get the men. Like many other supernatural in the fiction genre, (much like Vampires actually) she clings to her humanity and is not evil at all even though she works for hell. 
She has Vampire friends, also an Imp friend, besides her co-workers and is well-liked by all of them.  Then there is Jerome, the Archdemon that rules her and her other hellish friends. The funny thing is that he looks like John Cusack (he won't admit it but he's a great fan of the actor. Let's not forget Carter. He's  a 'fucking' angel as Georgina often describes him because he drives her crazy with how secretive he is and that she can never get a straight answer out of him. There's also her friend Bastien, who is an Incubi, the counterpart of Succubi. (You'll read more about him in the series. He only appears once.)
Now, when it comes to Seth, I can't resist him. He's such a great guy. He cares that she has to sleep with other men to stay alive and is understanding about! ???? I know, I couldn't believe it either. He's just awesome like that and his soul is pure. Throughout the series their problem is that she refuses to sleep with him and steal years of his life. She loves him that much! Their love is so... intense that you can't help it but want them to end up together. 
The thing about this series is that you won't get bored. Oh, no. There's just the right amount of romance and fantasy involved in the book. You will also enjoy the steamy, yet romantic adult scenes. They are very cool without making you feel like your reading porn or anything. That's how cool Mead is. 
So? Want to read it? I hope so. 
The sixth installment in the series is called Succubus Revealed and it will come out in August 2011.  


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