Review Policy

I'm currently accepting review copies of novels. I'll post anything related to the Paranormal world of books and give my opinion on how things go with authors, etc. 

I'm sometimes picky with what I review and what I don't. Before creating this blog I'd already read a lot of books, very good ones at that, but because of my short term memory span I probably won't review all of them. I wouldn't want to give an incorrect review. So from now on is when I'll review a book as soon as I finish it.

I have school, therefore I might not finish reading the book soon enough. Still, I'll do my best. So it might take me some time before I'm able to review. I apologize in advance. 

Genres in which I review:

Paranormal Romance
Urban Fantasy
Paranormal YA
Dark Fantasy

In my review I will include the following.

·                     Book Cover
·                     Author’s Link to Goodreads (if they have)
·                     The Review
·                     A rating
·                     Book Trailer - if it is made available

Here's my info: