Friday, December 17, 2010

FF News

     Ok, for those who read my stories in Fan Fiction and are wondering where I am, well, I am here and still alive, even if it doesn't seem like it due to my delay on updating. I've been very busy working on school work and all that crap that bothers me, but I've been talking with my friend Bianca and she and I came up with really good stuff for Turning Point's sequel. It still doesn't have a name but it will as soon as you, the readers who follow and comment my stories, vote on my poll in Fan Fiction for which tittle you like better. 
     Anyhow, because right now school has finally given a break for the holidays, I think I will be able to keep up with stuff. At least I hope I will. 
     As to my other stories, I don't know when I'll update. I co-write Rewind & Change with a girl I know and she hasn't given me a chapter yet. So, until that happens, I won't update. 

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talkygirl said...

your blog is very interesting and again i'm sorry, please read my email and you will have that chapter by towmorrow!