Friday, October 25, 2013

Stolen Time Book Tour

Angela Rae Harris:  Stories of Hope ~ Creating Dreams

Angela is an author, a wife, mother of two, and a part-time assistant office manager. She loves nights when her husband cooks. Her two kids keep her hopping and help her tap into her well of creativity and imagination.
At thirteen, Angela read Harry Potter and was reacquainted with books. She reads everything from Steven King to Will Hobbs. She started writing after her youngest was born. The characters started to visit and wouldn’t let her sleep until she wrote down their stories.
She'd love for people to get lost in her books.

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Guest Post: 
Stolen Time and the Shifter Origin
From the beginning, I knew Stolen Time (The Time Series) would be about shifters. The idea of changing into an animal always intrigued me. As I researched the idea, I wanted a world that was based off of an ancient belief. Egyptian religion is riddled with gods who are also animals. My story developed as I researched those legends.
While much of the shifter ability is built upon Egyptian tales, it needed to be modernized. I envisioned modern day shifters in hiding. After all, wouldn't you be a little scared of your neighbor if you know he could change into a grizzly bear? This also presented a case for the antagonistic General. In accent Egypt, the pharaohs were believed to be close to the gods because they could also shift into animals. The General’s cause is to reinstate shifters’ place in the current world.
Along with the legends, I knew that my shifters wouldn't all change into the same animal. Everyone has a different personality; therefore, everyone has a different animal inside of them. Have you ever been told you have eyes like a hawk or you’re cunning like a fox? In junior high, I started a new school and one of the girls I sat next to in first period told me that I looked like a cat. At the time it seemed odd, but it made me think. My imagination went wild. No pun intended.
I want my fantasy world to be believable, and to make my readers think when they see a garage door raised a little off the ground, “Does a shifter live there?”
With Halloween coming up, what kind of shifter would you want to be?

Okay, so to intrigue you a bit further with Angela Rae Harris book here's the beautiful cover and synopsis. 
Tragedy has made Keaira wise beyond her twenty years. Forced to work for the General, a commanding man who blackmailed his way into her life, she was ordered to study self-defense and master knife throwing. In the hidden community of Shifters, falcons are considered weak, a fact which may ultimately save her life. To escape his cruelty, she will need to call upon her quick-witted falcon side, but the General has other plans – ones which involve his only son, Carson.

When unexpected feelings form between Keaira and Carson, the General quickly moves his pieces into place, launching his quest to take over the world. If she wants to survive, Keaira must stay one step ahead in the General’s deadly game and discover his weaknesses. Even if it means risking her life and the lives of those she cares about most.

With war on the horizon, sides are being drawn. Deadly secrets must be exposed. Time is running out for Keaira and all of mankind.


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Thank you Gen for the beautiful post! I hope your readers enjoyed it!

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