Friday, May 27, 2011

Follow Me Friday

Parajunkee is the hostess to this awesome opportunity for new Bloggers (like me) to promote their blogs and get more followers. Isn't it awesome? I find it awesome. You also get to find new blogs that interest you. Personally, I'm having lots of fun.

I've decided to ask some questions along with every Follow Me Friday Post.
This week's question is:
Who's you're favorite character from a book and why?

I would say Dimitri Belikov is my favorite character and that is because besides being a hot tamale and fighting like a god, he isn't perfect. Yes, he has his flaws and is very understanding. He's always had that solemn air around him. Cool, awesome and hot. A god among mortals. Love him.


After_Dark said...

Happy Friday new follower #24,,,and to answer your question,,,"Bones" AKA Crispin Russel..from the Night Huntress series,,he is my current hottie crush,,
thanks for sharing

Gina said...

I'm there with you. I have a total crush on Dimitri. He's hot, Russian, and likes Western novels on the side, what's not to like. Here's my hop:
happy reading and have a lovely weekend!

Teen Readers' Diary said...

I loved Vampire Academy series too! Right now I'm on 5th book and I can't wait how the story goes. New follower here and have a great weekend!

Teen Readers' Diary